Headshot of Career Services Coordinator Evan Faidley.Evan Faidley

Evan Faidley

Coordinator, Career Services

Liaison to College of Applied Science and Technology

Office: Polsky, Room 451
Phone: 330-972-5758
Email: efaidley@uakron.edu

Headshot of Career Services Coordinator Evan Faidley.

"Let’s meet and talk about your career path! It will be a journey that you need not walk alone."

Q: Can students simply drop by, or how would you prefer that they schedule time with you?

A: Students can schedule an appointment with me via Handshake or email.

Q: Discuss the ways you can help students.

A: Making career decisions can be difficult, and I’m here to help guide students toward making short- and long-term career decisions. An appointment or presentation will always be interactive, meaningful and focused so that students may find a career in which they feel fulfilled and successful. I enjoy getting to know the students, faculty and staff at The University of Akron, and am happy to serve as a career change agent to guide UA students toward a future of rich experience in a world-class workforce.

Let’s meet and talk about your career path! It will be a journey that you need not walk alone.

Q: Why should students use Handshake? Do you have a Handshake power tip? What are students surprised to learn that they can do in Handshake?

A: If students are looking for internships, co-ops, full-time jobs, part-time jobs, events to attend, job fairs, and more, then Handshake is the right option for you. As a student at The University of Akron, you get your own account to share your academic and professional profile to employers actively seeking out students in your major! A full profile means fuller opportunities. Students appreciate that we get new employers and job postings every day.

One great tip: Employers are looking at completed and detailed student profiles to contact them and ask to interview for various positions. You can go one step further and look for experiential opportunities through the “Jobs” tab on Handshake. Narrow down your search by keywords related to what you are interested in, not just the name of your major. Network with employers and other students on Handshake. You never know if you will meet your future supervisor.

Q: What's the best tip you have for those writing a resume or cover letter? How can you help students prepare both?

A: Résumés and cover letters are what I call the “one-page challenge” — summarize your academic and professional experiences onto one page. Make sure you have your header, education, field-related and additional work experience, and skills ready to go on your résumé in a clean, formatted document. It can be difficult trying to be concise and still want to say more than what small page margins will let you, so use your cover letter as an extension of your résumé. We can talk about what important details should go in your résumé and cover letter, and what remaining details you can share in an interview. Remember, recruiters look at your résumé for 6-10 seconds, but after that, you have the chance to really shine and show how and why you are well-suited for the position at hand.

Q: What one interview question should students in your area be prepared for? What tips do you have for answering it? What's the best way to prepare for an interview? Do you conduct mock interviews with students?

A: “Tell us about yourself.”

The first question you hear in an interview is always the hardest, especially one that is so open with no right or wrong answer. The key is structuring your response in a calm, cool and collected way that seems sincere, yet not rehearsed. Think about the concrete information — your name, your major, your institution. The next set of what you say next highlights who you are as a person and professional. Think about some ways you would describe yourself in a professional setting; think about wording your transferrable skills into the workplace (i.e., determined to reach end goals in creative and collaborative ways). Finally, end with how you can bring your experiences and knowledge to the industry/enterprise. Remember, this is the question that sets the tone for the whole interview, so come into Career Services to build and practice your answers through mock interviews!

Q: How can technology can make a search easier? How has it made searches more challenging? How do you overcome that?

A: The Internet is a very useful tool when it comes to “the job search.” Sometimes we see there is too much information and too many opportunities out there.

Q: What do you wish you had known when you were searching for your first job after college?

A: My first job was a team member at Dunkin Donuts, and I was also able to work other part-time jobs in the Akron area while earning my B.A. in French at The University of Akron. My first career launched my senior year as a French-Canadian Logistics Representative at a trucking company, followed by my recruitment as a French-Canadian Customer Service Representative at The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Now, I teach French and provide career guidance. How?

Career Services provided guidance to “think outside the box” in my search and not just look for one thing. “If you expand your horizon, you expand upon opportunities.” Jobs are sometimes coded on job boards weirdly, and a position may be perfect for you but not have your major labeled as a desired degree. Knowing how to use other keywords, consider other industries and network well with others has truly expanded my horizon, and now I can help you expand upon your opportunities.

Q: What career services are you going to provide that students want to know about?

A: To all undergraduate and graduate students — come in and let’s chat about how we can market your unique experiences and skills! Résumé/cover letter reviews, mock interviews, professional attire…we can prepare you to reach out and present yourself to showcase who you are.

Want to learn more about the career options for you with your major, or are you interested in seeing how a change in your studies will affect future employment opportunities? Meet with a career coordinator one-on-one to explore your options!

Interested in graduate school? Come in and learn more about the graduate school application process and the various career options made available with a graduate degree.

Q: Why should students attend the next career fair? What's your best advice for preparing? What's a good strategy the day of?

A: Career fairs are an organized opportunity for students to come and share who they are and how they can serve as an asset to a growing enterprise. If students attend the career fair, they are not only showing initiative and a desired proactive attitude to recruiters and hiring managers, but also making themselves known and leaving a lasting impression. A hello, handshake and “here’s who I am” can result in interviews and offers faster than the traditional “apply online” or “in person.”

To prepare for the career fair, have your résumé reviewed by a member of the Career Services office. Come do a mock interview. Borrow a fresh pressed, dry-cleaned suit jacket from our Career Closet in Jean Hower Taber Student Union 211. Get yourself ready to use Handshake. We are here for you and to assist you in getting your first or next big career!