Resume Review

Career Services offers free resume reviews for students and alumni.

  • E-mail with your resume attached for review. We will e-mail you an attachment with our comments (please allow 2 business days for response.)
  • Come to Career Services in Room 211 of the Student Union during Career Lab walk-in hours, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  • Call 330-972-7747 to make an appointment or schedule online via Handshake at

Writing an effective resume

Your resume should include:

The heading - personal information

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Phone number, with area code
  • Professional e-mail address


  • Your degree(s), major(s), graduation date (month/year), and degree-granting institution, including the city and state.
  • Certificates or minors you earned.
  • GPA information may also be listed for your major or overall (out of a 4.0), if desired. This is recommended, if your GPA is 3.0 or higher.
  • List any relevant courses you feel make you marketable.
  • College degrees or additional training during or after college.

Work Experience

  • Name and location of employers (include city and state)
  • Job titles you held, duties and responsibilities, accomplishments
  • Incluse dates (month/year) of employment for each job 

Your work experience section can be broken into several categories:

  • Relevant Experience (co-op/internships, service learning, field experience, etc.),
  • Work experience
  • Volunteer experience, etc.
  • This section should reflect the positions you held in college and beyond. If you are applying for a co-op or internship, you can list some high school experiences.

    Additional information

    You may want to include the following sections on your resume. It is to your advantage to list as much information as possible to sell you to an employer.

    1. Activities/Interests: List athletic interests, hobbies, cultural interests, Study Abroad, etc.
    2. Awards, Honors, and Recognitions: List any academic or non-academic awards, scholarships, fellowships, special recognition, etc.
    3. Professional Affiliations: List any memberships/offices held in student or professional organizations on- or off-campus.
    4. Technical Expertise/Computer Skills: List any hardware or software languages or programs that you know, e-mail, use of the Internet.
    5. Licenses, Accreditation, and Certifications: List any current ones you have.
    6. Languages: List the languages you can speak and write fairly fluently.
    7. Community Service or Special Projects: List your participation/involvement. Can also list research projects you completed in college courses (describe project, tasks, and end results.)