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Focus2 is a free, online tool to help you define your interests and align them with majors and careers.

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  1. Complete the assessments
    • You can complete the self-assessments several times
    • Narrow and refine your results by clicking "See your top career choices"
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    • Click "What can I do with a major in...?
    • What other types of careers would that major prepare you for?
    • Who would your employers be?
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    • Save up to two majors and 10 occupations that interest you
    • Focus2 always saves your records so you can pick up where you left off

Questions? Navigating and understanding Focus2.

Contact Career Services at 330-972-7747 to talk about the majors and/or careers you've found.

Disclaimer: Choosing a career direction is a complex decision. This tool is not expected to be a comprehensive career assessment. You may use this tool in conjunction with other career assessments, such as the Strong Interest Inventory, SIGI, OCIS, Myers-Briggs, and other similar assessment tools. For academic and career information relating to your unique, interdisciplinary and innovative career path at The University of Akron, you should engage in meaningful dialogue with your career advisor, academic advisor, and/or faculty members. 

Focus2 is created and produced by Career Dimensions®, Inc., and the rights to use the product have been sold to hundreds of colleges and universities across the nation.