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Scholarship programs

University of Akron students benefit from thousands of scholarships and awards—more than $32 million each year in scholarships for college students and graduate students. Awards range from hundreds of dollars to complete, full-ride academic scholarships.

UA strives to address the financial needs of as many students as possible. By setting a per-student scholarship maximum, or scholarship cap, we are able to help more students achieve their goals by distributing scholarships broadly to a greater number of students. Scholarship programs awarded by the University, including general institutional scholarships and private/named and endowed scholarships are all subject to the established scholarship cap. A student's combination of all University-awarded scholarships for the year cannot exceed the cap, which is determined when they enter the University as a freshman.

For freshmen students entering in fall 2019 or later, the scholarship cap is $11,000 annually. For additional information regarding the scholarship cap, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Learn about the scholarship programs you could qualify for by selecting your student type below.

Scholarships for...

New freshmen
A high school or adult student who has never attended college

Transfer students
Attending another college or university, planning to transfer to UA

Continuing students
Attended The University of Akron and have not attended another college or university

Graduate students
Graduated from college and pursuing an advanced degree

Law students
Graduated from college and pursuing a law degree

International students
Student who is not a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.