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The Fisher Sales Laboratory

The Carl V. and Clyde A. Fisher Sales Laboratory was constructed in 1991 through a gift from Ronald R. and Diane C. Fisher. The purpose of the gift was to improve our ability to prepare people for successful careers in professional selling. By working in the lab, individuals improve their selling and overall communication skills. The lab is also useful for conducting focus group interviews and group problem-solving sessions.

The Fisher Sales Laboratory is a seven room complex located on the first floor of the CBA Building. Six of these rooms (CBA 136 A-F) are skill practice rooms in which video recording occurs. CBA 139, an adjoining classroom, is also regularly utilized for activities of the Fisher Institute. The remaining room (CBA 136) is the control room containing state-of-the-art audio/visual recording equipment.

Each of the skill practice rooms contains a 32 inch color monitor, a microphone as well as a speaker mounted in the ceiling, a round table, and from four to twelve chairs depending upon room size. The walls of the skill practice rooms feature framed art documenting media attention devoted to the Fisher Institute and are neutral in color to offer a suitable background for video recording.

The control room is painted black so that people in the skill practice rooms cannot see into it through the one-way mirrors. The control room also has two racks equipped with seven DVD video recorders/players for transmitting to any particular room or to all of the rooms at once, a monitor for each room, and an intercom system for speaking to any or all of the six skill practice rooms. There are also two desks and chairs in the control room.

CBA 139, a classroom, is located immediately adjacent to the after from and before Fisher Sales Laboratory and priority use of the room is reserved for the Fisher Institute. It has been decorated with a sales theme and equipped to meet our teaching needs. Video from Fisher Sales Lab can be managed in the control room (CBA 136) and shown in CBA 139. In addition, the room has multimedia projection and Internet capabilities.