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Benefits of Being an Executive Partner:

We strive to anticipate our corporate partners’ needs and even craft our curriculum to reflect current selling and sales management best practices and trends. Here are some of the many the benefits of corporate partnership:

  • Gain access to our best and brightest students.
  • Shape sales curriculum. Firms that partner with the center are invited to become involved with sales courses, especially through presentations and case studies.
  • Increase your sales goals.
    • By hiring a Fisher student who has been active with the center, you'll get an ambitious self-starter who already has real-world selling experience and will become an instant asset to your firm. According to research studies by the HR Chally Institute, students who graduate from  certified sales program are trained and job ready (past the learning curve) in under 6 months compared to over 1 year for the ordinary new hire.
    • Learn about cutting edge, top-notch executive sales training and consulting programs
  • An open invitation to speak in classes
  • The ability to announce internships to the classes – or find students for other jobs
  • Interaction with UA students during:
    • Board meetings
    • Selection of the students to compete in the National Collegiate Sales Competition.  We have had many nationally ranked students from this competition.
  • The ability to attend board meetings where you can network with other top sales and marketing executives
  • An invitation to attend SMEI’s February Awards Banquet
  • Gain more credibility and awareness in the business community and educate yourself by attending or speaking at the brand new Fall Sales Symposium
  • Become published! Current board members have helped in writing two books (one of which won the AMA’s Berry Book Prize for 2009)
  • Ability to get to know sales professors and have a close connection to other highly advanced institutes including The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing, The Fitzgerald Institute for Entrepreneurship, and The Institute for Global Business. 
  • The company name, logo, and information continually are advertised on a large flat screen monitor in the Fisher laboratory where the sales students will see it every day.

We currently work with many good companies who get benefits from being Executive Advisory Board Members for the Institute. View current board members.