Creating Entrepreneurial Classrooms Program

The Creating Entrepreneurial Classrooms (CEC) initiative for faculty at The University of Akron, funded by The Burton D. Morgan Foundation, is to help students across disciplines build an entrepreneurial mindset and leverage creative problem solving as part of their career path or to build their own future.

CEC will award 10 innovative projects up to $10,000 each, to help students build an entrepreneurial mindset.

This project is the result of collaborations across Colleges at The University of Akron to help students participate in a culture of innovation and explore how entrepreneurial thinking will benefit those working on new and existing ventures.

Call for Proposals

The Creating Entrepreneurial Classrooms initiative, generously funded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation, is looking for faculty interested in applying elements of entrepreneurial thinking into their classrooms. This interdisciplinary program aims to help equip students across all disciplines and domains with skills to solve problems for a variety of stakeholders (customers, community members, etc.). Faculty looking to get involved with this program should fill out this short form.


Contact: Dr. Joseph Fox for more information or any questions you may have about this program.