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Leadership Development Groups

Grow Your Network!

Leadership Development Groups (LDGs) are one of the first experiences in the Leadership Designation Program. Students can participate in LDGs outside of the Designation program.

Open to all students on campus regardless of major, LDGs consist of groups of 6 learners who take part in weekly, one-hour, self-directed discussions of leadership over 10 weeks during a Fall or Spring Semester. The Institute provides a format, materials, and topics for each week’s discussion, which is facilitated by a rotating member of the LDG.

LDG participants:

  • Explore various leadership topics
  • Engage in constructive and civil discourse
  • Formulate an authentic leadership identity
  • Develop personal narrative and self-authorship competencies
  • Receive monthly mentorship from an experienced executive leader
  • Develop strong interpersonal relationships
  • Enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes in leadership

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