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Leadership Experience Project 

The “Leadership Experience Project” is a project of passion and/or interest of a student’s choice. The vision of this program is to help students apply their knowledge and skills while solving real problems in real areas of need. Projects will include a project proposal, focus on research, and typically conclude with a formal presentation and plan for action.

LEP Resources

Budget Spending Resources

Leadership Experience Project (LEP):

Students who participate in the Advanced Level may complete a Leadership Experience Project (LEP) as their capstone experience. An LEP is a team initiative (team = 2 or more students) of the students' choice and focuses on completing a large-scale project. Students are encouraged to select a project or cause that inspires their willingness to accept new challenges, solve problems, and work for more than a letter grade.

Previous projects include: TEDxUniversityofAkron, the STRIVE Scholarship Fund, Augmented Reality, Hidden In Plain Sight – Human Trafficking Awareness, Battle of the Bands Fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House, and many others.

Each student on the LEP team is eligible to receive up to $1000 in funding towards completing their projects. Funding can be shared among a team. For example, a team of four students may request up to $4000. More examples of how funds can be used and how to request them can be found in the LEP Budget Proposal Guidelines found in the Resources section of this page.

The LEP will take 2 semesters to complete and will be completed as part of a 3 credit hour academic course (6100:499 or 6100:497 for Honors Students). All LEP proposals must be approved by Dr. Susan Hanlon, Assistant Dean of the College of Business. Proposals must be submitted the semester before the student participates in the 6100:499 or 6100:497 course.

Are you an Honors Student?

Honors students have the option to substitute the Leadership Experience Project (LEP) as their Honors Project. The course number is the same as the standard Honors Project - 6100:497 - and is included in the “Individual Plan” as an option in completing the Advanced Level of the Designation Program.

Honors students must still refer to the Honors Requirements for satisfying their Honors Project as part of completing their Honors Degree Requirements.

Recommended Timeline for Completing the LEP:

Spring, Junior Year

  • Form team
  • Meet with Director of Institute for Leadership Advancement
  • Scope LEP project and propose to Dr. Hanlon
  • - See How to Scope a Project” Document found above
  • Register for 6100:499 or 6100:497 (Honors)
  • Make progress towards your LEP

Fall, Senior Year

  • Submit all required materials for LEP as required by course syllabus (i.e. project goals, Electronic Project Management System, etc.)
  • Complete first set of goals for LEP
  • Propose plan for budget
  • Meet with Dr. Hanlon by the end of the semester to review progress

Spring, Senior Year

  • Submit all required materials as required by course syllabus
  • Complete LEP
  • Prepare to present LEP for final grade
  • Prepare to present LEP in a poster session for the annual Leadership Recognition Reception at the end of Spring Semester