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Personal Leadership Skills 1-Credit Course

Leadership and problem-solving go hand-in-hand. 6100:200 Personal Leadership Skills is a unique course that jointly develops both skills through hands-on learning experiences which take place over two, nine-hour Saturday sessions.

On the first Saturday of class, students are bussed to Camp Ravenna Joint Military Training Compound, where they partake in a low ropes course with the guidance of the Akron Army ROTC. Here, students are outside of their comfort zones, immersed in a unique culture, learn how to work with and solve problems with new people, and they even have MREs (military Meals Ready to Eat) for lunch.

The second Saturday of class brings the students back to campus where they use their experiences with the Army to guide them through trainings and conversations on emotional intelligence, ethics, and other important personal leadership skills.

Each year, more than 200 students complete this course, making it a favorite on campus. The partnership with the US Army has allowed us to sustain this course and brings together students and ROTC cadets for valuable leadership training.

Students who enroll in the Leadership Designation Program need to complete Personal Leadership Skills 6100:200 as part of their Level 1 experiences.

How to Get Started:
Current students with at least 32 credit hours can enroll by visiting “My Akron” and searching for the class from the undergraduate course catalogue. Enroll now!