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Institute for Leadership Advancement
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Student Leadership Consultants

The Student Leadership Consultants are a self-guided group of undergraduate students who serve as peer leaders in developing and disseminating valuable leadership programs and resources to students throughout the College of Business and Administration and beyond.

Benefits include:

  • Deeper understanding of leadership training and development
  • Stronger presentation skills
  • Extraordinary group facilitation skills
  • Demonstrated problem-solving ability
  • Ability to work both independently and in teams
  • Enhanced leadership capabilities among peers
  • Extraordinary addition to your professional portfolio

Commitment includes:

  • Occasional half-day retreats as scheduled by SLCs
  • 3-4 hours/week, or less

Our Student Leadership Consultants:

  • Zack Betscher (2nd year)
  • Andria Kaplan (4th year)
  • Kate Kosar (1st year)
  • Annie Nelson (3rd year)
  • Courtney Ou (3rd year)
  • Lexi Pappadakus (1st year)
  • Zach Savage (4th year)

To become one, e-mail: .
All majors and interests are welcome!

Leadership Development Groups

An LDG is a group of 6 learners who take part in a weekly, one-hour self-directed discussion of leadership. Each week’s discussion is facilitated by a rotating member of the LDG and guided with a format, materials, and topics as provided by the Institute for Leadership Advancement. LDG are flexible in their scheduling and can vary by the needs of the individual group.

The purpose of the LDG is to allow learners to:

  • Explore various leadership topics
  • Engage in constructive and civil discourse
  • Formulate one’s own authentic leadership identity
  • Develop personal narrative and self-authorship competencies
  • Receive monthly mentorship from an experienced executive leader
  • Develop strong interpersonal relations
  • Enhance knowledge, skills, and attitudes in leadership

The LDG program will begin during week 1 of each semester. Each group will decide its own meeting time on a weekly basis. All LDG groups will assemble for an end-of-semester forum where successes and learning imperatives are shared and learners and mentors may further network.

Special consideration will be made for students who want to begin in an LDG part of the way through a semester.