George W. Daverio School of Accountancy

Summer Fast Pass Class for BSA Students with 150 credit hours, Accelerated BS/MS,
Accelerated BSA/MTAX Accounting Students and Other CPA Eligible Students

Prepare to FastPass® the CPA Exam in the Summer
BEFORE Starting Your Full-Time Position

Contact information at the University of Akron:

Dr. Thomas G. Calderon
Phone: 330.972.6228

Contact information for Becker

Laura Copley
Phone: 330.221.2212

Employers prefer to hire and retain individuals who have completed the CPA Exams. Accounting graduates find it extremely difficult to sit for the exams after they begin their permanent jobs. In response, the George W. Daverio School of Accountancy will host a Summer CPA Exam Review Program in partnership with Becker Professional Education for outstanding students who will complete the Accelerated BS/MS or BSA/MTAX Accounting program. Other students who have completed all requirements to sit for the CPA Examination in the State of Ohio will be accepted into the program as well.

CPA Exam Information

Candidate Bulletin: The CPA Exam Candidate Bulletin provides helpful step by step information about the CPA Exam application process and Prometric test center. Download it at: Candidate Bulletin

Contact your Ohio CPA Exam Coordinator at or 615-880-4290 with questions concerning education credits, CPA application, transcripts or NTS.

Candidates must take the test at a Prometric Testing Center. Locations include Cleveland, Mentor, Strongsville, Stow, Niles. To schedule CPA Exam or find additional locations visit

Becker CPA Review course will require approximately 300 hours of study time—12 hours per week for class and additional 24 hours of individual study time per week.

Fees for the Becker CPA Review will be $3,393.00.
Exclusive for UA students are:
(a) $400 off* the full course tuition and
(b) 0% financing.

Students with offer letters from firms who pay for Becker will be honored. Students may be provided with scholarships, as available, and other available financial assistance. (Discounts and offers cannot be combined).

The fee includes lectures, books, PassMaster homework, simulations and The Becker Promise. Becker Promise: Attend 100% of the classes and score 90% or better on the PassMaster homework. In the event you do not pass the exam, you can take the review for an administrative fee.

For additional information about Becker, visit or enroll or call 1.877.CPA.EXAM.

Please Note: Students will not earn University of Akron credit for the review course.

Key Dates:
November 7th & 8th, Laura Copley will be on campus from 10:00am - 6:00pm to answer any questions.

Two workshops will be held:
Novemver 7th: 11:00am - 12:00pm
November 8th: 3:30pm - 4:30pm & 5:30pm - 6:30pm

University of Akron – Fast Pass® Class

Classes begin May 15, 2017

5:30pm to 8:30pm

Mon Tues Wed
5-15:B1 5-16-B2 5-17-B3
5-22:B4 5-23:B5 5-24:B6

Mon Tues Wed Thurs
6-5:F1 6-6:F2 6-7:F3
6-12:F4 6-13:F5 6-14:F6
6-19:F7 6-20:F8 6-21:F9 6-22:F10

Mon Tues Wed
7-10:A1 7-11:A2 7-12:A3
7-17:A4 7-18:A5 7-19:A6
Mon Tues Wed
7-31:R1 8-1:R2 8-2:R3
8-7:R4 8-8:R5 8-9:R6
8-14:R7 8-15:R8

Suggested Timeline University of Akron

January-May 2017 Enroll in Becker. UA Students receive $400 off Becker’s CPA Review or 0% financing. ** Order materials early to avoid expedited shipping costs and to ensure viable class.
Apply to NASBA to sit for the CPA Exam Apply once 150 hours appears on your transcript.
May 11th to 13th Request official transcript from University of Akron - Registrar Office.

Becker CPA Review Class Schedule

May 15th to May 24th Attend Becker CPA Review Business section
May 25th to May 30th Study for the Business section of the CPA Exam
May 31st Sit for Business
June 5th to June 22nd Attend Becker CPA Review Financial section
June 22nd to June 30th Study for the Financial section of the CPA Exam
July 1st to July 8th Sit for the Financial and/or Business section of the CPA Exam***
July 10th to July 19th Attend Becker CPA Review Audit section
July 20th to July 27th Study for the Audit section of the CPA Exam
July 28th to July 29th Sit for the Audit section of the CPA Exam
July 31st to August 15th Attend Becker CPA Review Regulation section
August 17th to August 29th Study for the Regulation section of the CPA Exam
August 30th to August 31st Sit for the Regulation section of the CPA Exam

Note: Register for your exam dates once you receive your NTS.

* This Self-Study lecture to be completed at home prior to sitting for this exam. Review of this lecture is required to earn the Becker Promise.

** This offer is valid only on full 4-part course tuition price. Cannot be combined with 0% financing.

*** Check Prometric Testing Center for Saturday and Holiday Schedule.