CBA Graduate Programs Application Process Flowchart

Graduate School's Apply Online System
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Graduate School

Completed application forwarded to the College of Business Administration Graduate Programs Office

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CBA Graduate Office

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CBA Admissions Committee

Monthly Meeting to review Applications

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Response to Applicants

  1. Official response in e-letter from the Graduate School.
  2. CBA Graduate Programs Director will send a letter of congratulations and a program checklist after the official notification from the Graduate School.

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Application Fee

Application Form


Statement of Purpose



International Applicants Provide Proof of Funding and TOEFL or IELTS Score

GMAT and Other Standardized Test Scores

Forms for Joint Law Students

Application Deadlines:
Domestic Students

Fall - July 15th
Spring - November 15th
Summer - April 15th
Saturday MBA - Fall Start only – July 15

Application Deadlines:
International Students

Fall - June 15th
Spring - October 15th
Summer - March 15th