Graduate Programs Internship and Work Authorization

Policy and Process

An internship will allow you to apply the skills and knowledge you have acquired in the classroom while gaining real-world experience. Internships are optional in most graduate programs. Students enrolled in a full-time course of study are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.

Internship Approval Form

Gateway Internship

This option has been discontinued effective Fall 2015 and will not be required for students.


An internship may be pursued after the completion of most Gateway or Foundation level courses.

CBA graduate students may not hold an Internship in their first semester of enrollment. One semester of internship is permitted per degree program. Internship hours must equal 100 hours for one credit, 200 hours for two credits and 300 hours for three credits. Students with full admission status are eligible for internship credit. Those on probation or with provisional, non-degree or certificate program admission status are ineligible. Students holding a Graduate Assistantship may be required to resign the GA award in order to be eligible for the internship since outside employment is restricted by the Graduate School.

International Students and Internship Opportunities

The CBA prefers that all international students participate in an internship as part of his or her program of study. International students are limited to internships of up to 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters and up to 40 hours in the summer. Internships may be completed in the last semester of enrollment if the student has program requirements remaining. Additional information on internships (also known as Curricular Practical Training) is available from the Office of International Programs (OIP). Two semesters of full-time enrollment are required prior to participation in an internship. If all required courses are completed, the student is ineligible for an internship and must apply for Optional Practical Training through OIP.


You must obtain approval from a CBA Graduate Advisor before starting the search for an Internship by submitting an Internship Approval Form.

International students are expected to attend OIP workshops related to internships and are expected to be aware of regulations and required paperwork prior to contacting the CBA Graduate Programs for authorization or contacting a potential employer. It is your responsibility to know these requirements.

After authorization, students may work with the CBA Internship Coordinator to search for opportunities.

Finding Internship Opportunities

You may find resources online, through the UA Career Center, via email from the CBA Graduate Programs Office or the CBA Internship Coordinator. Take advantage of all opportunities available to expand your internship possibilities. Many corporations have official internship programs that require early application, so being aware of CBA, OIP and employer requirements is essential if you are to successfully find placement.

After receiving an internship offer you must provide your CBA advisor with an official offer letter, on company letterhead, outlining the dates of employment (which must be within the dates of the semester), the salary, the number of hours to be worked, a brief description of the position and the name and phone number of the supervisor, as well as CPT paperwork from OIP. The advisor will complete the internship paperwork in one or two days and provide it to you for processing at OIP and add you to the internship course.

Internship Course

At the time of approval an advisor will add you 6700:695 Internship in Business, which is taught by the Director of Graduate Programs. The Internship credits will fulfill the MBA Action Learning requirement or, in some instances, an MBA concentration requirement with the Director’s approval. MSM students will use the internship for elective credit. Students are expected to write a paper relating their internship experience to the program of study. For MSA and MTax students the internship course will be additional credits above program requirements.

Students are expected to contact the internship instructor after being added to the course by an advisor. The course requires completion of a paper relating the internship to your graduate courses and career goals. A grade of CR (credit/passing) or NC (non-credit/failing) will be provided.

For International Students

Optional Practical Training (OPT) Is Post-Graduation Job Training

Upon completion of degree requirements, International students are permitted one year of employment by the INS. During the last semester of enrollment, students visit OIP to determine what steps they must take to be eligible for OPT and to pick up the required paperwork. An advisor in the CBA Graduate Programs Office can fill out the paperwork indicating the degree completion date and the date of graduation. This form must be presented to the OIP immigration specialists for processing. Internships may not be pursued during the period of Optional Practical Training because a student has completed all degree requirements. International students should discuss employment options with the OIP immigration specialist to gain a better understanding of the opportunities which they are permitted to pursue.

Student Employment

Students in the MSM ISM program are eligible for an additional 17 months of OPT because it is a government sanctioned STEM program.

Fulbright and USAID Students

Fulbright, LASPAU, AMIDEAST and USAID students should consult with the agency which granted their visa to determine eligibility and Restrictions.