Joint Degree Transfer Courses 

Transfer forms are available online.  Two forms are required:

  1. To transfer up to 10 credits from the CoB to the School of Law fill out the Law Transfer Form
  2. To transfer up to nine credits from the School of Law to the MBA Interdisciplinary M. Taxation or MS Accounting programs fill out the Form to Transfer Law Courses to the College of Business

NOTE: College of Business Transfer forms should be submitted BEFORE School of Law Courses are taken

* Some students begin course work in the CoB before entering the School of Law. CoB course work taken prior to law studies will not be transferable to the School of Law. You should check with a College of Business Adviser to carefully plan your studies to get the maximum transfer benefit.

Law Courses the CoB will accept:


JD/MBA students may transfer up to nine credits of School of Law courses into the MBA program. Up to six credit hours of business-related electives. An additional three credits may be possible if the School of Law offers MBA required courses as 9200 courses in collaboration with the CoB.

All JD/MBA students should apply to the JD/MBA Interdisciplinary program which allows students to transfer up to nine law credits to the CoB.

Students may devise a personalized concentration consisting of any six credits of the business related. The choice of courses for the Interdisciplinary Concentration must be approved by the director prior to enrolling in the courses.


Upon the approval of the director of Graduate Programs in Business, 9 credits of School of Law courses may be applied toward the Master of Taxation degree.

Master of Taxation Approved Law Transfer Courses:

  • 9200:641 Corporate Taxation I (3 credits)
  • or
  • 9200:721 Taxation of Intellectual Property (3 credits)
  • (One of these is Required)

Courses that will transfer as MTax elective courses (6 credits):

  • 9200:639 Estate and Gift Taxation (3 credits)
  • 9200:645 Non-profit Tax Entities (3 credits)
  • 9200:675 Special Problems in Estate Planning (3 credits)
  • 9200:680 Qualified Pension and Profit Sharing Plans (3 credits)
  • 9200:684 Entities (3 credits)
  • 9200:685 Wills, Trusts, and Estates I (3 credits)
  • 9200:686 Wills, Trusts, and Estates II (3 credits)
  • 9200:684 Mergers and Acquisitions (3 credits)

* Other courses offered in the School of Law as approved by the Chair of the School of Accountancy and the MTax program coordinator


Upon the approval of the director of Graduate Programs in Business, 9 credits of School of Law courses may be applied toward the Masters of Accountancy degree.

MSA Transfer Courses:

The courses below must be taken as the law school equivalent version for 9 credits of transfer to the MSA:

  • 9200:687 Expert Evidence
  • 9200:XXX Fraud and Financial Forensics (6200:665 in the CoB)
  • 9200:XXX Tax Crimes and Forensics (6200:629 in the CoB)