MBA Overview

The MBA program is the principle graduate program of The University of Akron's College of Business Administration. The objective of the MBA program is to provide a diverse group of men and women with the skills, multi-stakeholder strategic perspective, and innovative spirit required to lead in organizations that operate within a global business environment characterized by intense competition and increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty. The MBA is intended to be a generalist degree with emphasis on multi-functional knowledge rather than areas of specialization. Students should not expect to conduct heavily specialized study of a particular functional area within the MBA program. Students who typically experience the highest value added from an MBA program are those individuals with professional work experience and/or non-business undergraduate or graduate degrees. Graduates of The University of Akron's MBA program should possess:

  • The analytical and conceptual skills needed to identify and deal successfully with ambiguous and unstructured business problems;
  • A solid foundation in relevant business functions, with emphasis on the integration of the functions and an understanding of how multiple business functions are linked in the formulation and execution of business strategy;
  • A strong ethical perspective, an appreciation of workplace and marketplace diversity, and an ability to communicate in an effective, persuasive manner;
  • An understanding of the social, legal, political, regulatory, economic and technological environment; and,
  • An awareness of the global economy in which businesses operate and an understanding of the forces that drive competition and sustainability within the global economy.

In order to accomplish these goals, the graduate faculty of the College of Business Administration is committed to providing a high quality graduate business school experience. That experience will have a strong professional and real-world focus, characterized by collaborative work and emphasis on the practice of management. The faculty is intent on creating a stimulating academic environment with a balance between theory and application. Faculty strive to create a classroom setting that is varied, interesting, and permeated by the concepts of globalization, professional integrity and ethics, leadership, and planned change.

There are many skills students must acquire throughout an MBA program in addition to technical competencies within particular functional areas. These skills include communication and interpersonal skills, analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills, and leadership skills. These skills enable students to develop their professional identity and are woven into the program as follows:


  1. Ability to present views and concepts clearly in writing;
  2. Ability to objectively critique and judge the value of written work;
  3. Ability to present views and concepts clearly through oral communication.

Collaborative Work and Interpersonal Skills

  1. Ability to understand group dynamics and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds;
  2. Ability to manage and resolve conflict;
  3. Ability to organize and delegate project tasks.

Critical Thinking and Creative and Effective Problem Solving

  1. Ability to solve structured and unstructured problems;
  2. Ability to deal effectively with imposed pressures and deadlines.

The basics for this group of skills may be acquired in prior bachelor degree programs. A variety of opportunities are provided to students throughout the program to develop these skills. A student's progress is to be documented and evaluated by self-evaluation, peer evaluation, and faculty evaluation.

MBA Proficiencies

All courses require demonstrated proficiency in Excel, writing, and statistics.

Students currently admitted to this program may have different course requirements than those listed here. Refer to your official Program Checklist and DPR in My Akron for your program requirements which may vary based on your year of admission.

Degree Offered: MBA Master of Business Administration

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CBA Office of Graduate Programs

(330) 972-7043

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