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Accelerated Master’s of Science in Management

Project management has a key role in successful information technology-based initiatives in the global marketplace. Many Information Technology (IT) positions increasingly require some level of project management skills.

This 30-credit Accelerated program is designed for students in undergraduate information systems or related programs who are interested in pursuing graduate work with a project management emphasis. The degree also requires a practicum, in which students complete a Study Abroad program or an internship. The goal of the program is to prepare students for eventual positions in strategic IT leadership.

Students who are in the program can be considered for funding opportunities such as internships and scholarships.

Additional Information

Program Requirements:

Students in the MSM Fast track program will complete 30 credits of graduate coursework to fulfill the requirements for the master’s degree. To ensure that there is no duplication from the undergraduate programs, the graduate coursework has been carefully selected to give them marketable skills. The fast track program is comprised of required classes in management, information systems and elective choices. As part of a practicum requirement, students will have to complete a Study Abroad program or an internship. Students who are in the program will be considered for funding opportunities such as graduate assistantships and scholarships.

Management Core Courses - 9 Credits
6500:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy 3

Management of Supply Chain and Operations
Global Supply Chain Management

6500:678 Project Management 3
Information Systems Core Courses - 12 Credits
6500:640 Data and IS Governance 3
6500:641 Business Database Systems 3
6500:643 Analysis and Design of Business Systems 3
6500:644 Business Intelligence 3
Electives - 9 Credits
6200:554 Information System Security 3
6500:520 Data Networks & Security 3
6500:645 Software Development and Quality Assurance 3
6500:651 Organizational Transformation 3
6500:652 Managing People in Organizations 3
6500:663 Advanced Data Analytics Topics 3
6500:572 Management Project 3
6500:690 Selected Topics in Management 3
6700:695 Internship in Business 1-3
Total Credit Hours 30


Guidelines for receiving credit for the IS Internship:

  1. Students are required to at least 20 hours of work per week.
  2. The internship must be approved by the Department Chair.
  3. Internships will be approved based on the type of business and the scope of the work to be done.
  4. Interns will complete a report based on MIS faculty specifications.
  5. The internship should be in an area directly related to any of traditional Information Systems functions related to systems planning, analysis, design, programming, implementation, networking operations and infrastructure, technical documentation, systems installation, maintenance and IT auditing.

Admission Requirements

The MSM - Fast track Information Systems option has been designed for students in undergraduate information systems or related programs who are interested in pursuing graduate work with an information systems management emphasis. Additional requirements for students wishing to pursue this option include:

  • Undergraduate degree in Information Systems (from AACSB accredited institution) or related fields with a Pre-MBA minor
  • Undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0 with successful course completion in programming, database, and networking (B or better)
  • Documented completion of an IS related internship (or other IS work experience) with a letter summarizing project and work scope from supervisor
  • Letters of reference from undergraduate program director or faculty
  • Undergraduate students who wish to count 6200:554 Information Systems Security and 6500:520 Data Networks & Security toward their graduate degree may take these classes during their senior year and must receive a grade of B or better
  • Undergraduate degree must be completed at the most two years prior to planned date of program entry

Application Deadline

Undergraduate students who wish to be considered for the Accelerated MSM should contact the Graduate School Programs Office or Dr. Steven Ash toward the end of their Junior year.

  • August 1 for Fall enrollment
  • December 1 for Spring enrollment
  • May 1 for Summer enrollment

International Student Applications

It is recommended that international students apply six weeks prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing.  I-20 forms are processed by UA Immigration Services in the International Center, Buchtel Hall. Proof of English Proficiency is required by producing an acceptable TOEFL or IELTS score.

Students currently admitted to this program may have different course requirements than those listed here. Refer to your official Program Checklist and DPR in My Akron for your program requirements.