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Showing Proficiency through Waiver Examinations

Waiver examinations are available to students admitted to the MBA program to allow students to prove proficiency in certain areas. Waiver examinations are offered for all MBA Gateway courses. Financial Accounting is the only exam offered for the Master of Science in Accountancy, Master of Science in Management, and Master of Tax programs.

A score of 70% is required to pass the exam.

The following fact sheets provide information on the MBA and MSM waiver exams (a few courses may also apply to the MSA and MTax programs). Textbooks covering comparable material may be useful.

To take a waiver exam, you must meet certain requirements and follow all waiver exam procedures:

  • Only those students admitted to a CBA graduate program can take waiver exams. Students who intend to apply for the program, who are in non-degree programs, or who are only in graduate certificate programs are not eligible.
  • Provisionally admitted students may take waiver exams.
  • Students on probation may NOT take exams.

Waiver Exam Guidelines

  • Students must be in good academic standing to sit for waiver exams.
  • Waiver exams may not be repeated if a passing grade is not achieved.

Passing a waiver exam in a particular field is deemed to be equivalent to certain courses for prerequisite purposes. For example, if a student needs 6200:601 Financial Accounting as a prerequisite for a subsequent class and has successfully passed the Financial Accounting waiver exam, the student can register for the subsequent  class. If the student has not taken 6200:601 or passed the waiver exam, the student will not be permitted to register for the subsequent class. This makes it imperative that students take waiver exams early in their program of study to be able to maintain a full schedule of classes.

Steps for Registering and Paying for Exams

  • Registering and paying for exams is an online system. Contact Ms. Sue Tully in the Graduate Programs Office at either (330) 972-8095 or to confirm interest in taking an exam (confirm which exam you intend to take).
  • A link for a Waiver Exam "Interest Form" will be sent to your zip email which will need to be completed and returned to Ms. Tully.
  • Your eligibility will be reviewed by one of the Graduate Program advisors. If eligible to take the exam, Ms. Tully will forward a link to register and pay for the exam.
  • Once payment has been confirmed, an immediate message will be sent giving instructions on the location (Counseling and Testing Center located in Simmons Hall Rm. 306) and contact information on scheduling the exam.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Students will have up to two weeks after payment to schedule and take the exam. If not taken within this time frame, a refund will NOT be issued. In order to take the exam at a later date, the entire fee of the exam will be charged.
  • After completing the exam, immediate results will be given. Score results will be final. Students with scores below 70% will be required to take the course.
  • Information on the course needing to be scheduled will be provided.