Community and Industrial Graduate Assistantships

Organizations have the opportunity to hire graduate-level business students to work 20 hours a week in training positions during the academic year through Community and Industrial Graduate Assistantships (CIGA). The student is considered a University employee receiving a tuition scholarship from The College of Business Administration (CBA) while obtaining real-world work experience and also.

Hiring a Graduate Assistant During the Semester

To begin the process, your organization will need to provide a job description for the proposed IGA to a related department or center in the CBA (contact list is below). Once the job description is approved, you will be provided a slate of qualified candidates to interview. When you have decided on the candidate, inform the department/center of your selection. The Office of Research Services and Sponsored Programs will prepare a work contract for your organization to review and sign. Once that process is completed, the student will be issued a scholarship award and will be available to begin working for you. The department/center will make monthly inquiries on the student’s performance.

The benefits to your organization include:

  • You select your industrial graduate assistant from a pool of applicants
  • Hire qualified candidate for up to two years
  • Cultivate a quality student and potential employees
  • Support future professionals in your industry
  • Student salaries are billed to the company at the end of the employment period, and the payment is considered a grant to the University
  • Support graduate education in Northeast Ohio

Employers interested in hiring students for a Community and Industrial Graduate Assistantship should contact the academic department most closely associated with the type of work the student will be doing to gain approval and to begin the process of finding a student who would be a good fit. Department details and additional information on the IGA.

Departmental Contact Information

Graduate Programs (330) 972-7042

Center for Information Technologies and E-Business  (330) 972-8224

Center for Organizational Development (330) 972-7043

Fisher Institute (330) 972-5447

Fitzgerald Institute (330) 972-7015

Institute for Global Business (330) 972-6230

Taylor Institute (330) 972-7110

School of Accountancy (330) 972-7586

Department of Finance (330) 972-7302

Department of Management  (330) 972-7037

Department of Marketing (330) 972-7650