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Kevin Smith welcomed as Director of new Institute for Leadership Advancement


The College of Business Administration is pleased to welcome Kevin Smith as the first Director of the new Institute for Leadership Advancement, an initiative made possible through generous funding from the J.M. Smucker Company.

Kevin Smith comes to UA from Ohio University where he founded and drove the vision, operations, and programs of what is now OU's largest and most comprehensive creative leadership center. The center provides innovative leadership instruction for over 4,000 students, faculty, and staff each year.

To date, Smith’s work has been acknowledged and used as examples by internationally renowned leadership authors during globally viewed webinars and national presentations, and in February 2012, he won a national award for his work. Smith also demonstrates his passion for entrepreneurship outside of higher education through his work as a private leadership and human capital development consultant, executive coach and trainer, and generational leadership speaker. Also, as a small business owner, Smith is a CrossFit affiliate owner and co-founder of CrossFit SEO in Athens, Ohio.

Smith brings a proven aptitude for developing student leaders through the context of social innovation, non-positional leadership, organizational citizenship, and empowering students to cultivate outstanding attitudes and the ability to continually shape their own personal leadership identities during their ongoing growth as leaders for the 21st century.

When asked about his vision for the new Institute for Leadership Advancement, Smith said, “The College of Business Administration will lead the way in developing the next generation of college graduates. Our students will be globally-minded, confident, and proven in their ability to solve complex, real-world problems. They will be prepared to adapt and lead from every level of an organization, and to pursue both work and life with integrity. Our graduates will be more than employable, they will be exceptional.”

To contact Kevin, e-mail: and/or follow the new Institute for Leadership Advancement on Twitter @leadershipcba.