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Getting Career Ready and Connected

Professional Development at the College of Business Administration (CBA)

An important task in a business school is to help prepare students for their careers. Excellent classroom instruction is imperative, of course. But the extra-curricular, outside-the-classroom activities also are crucial. Through the Exploring Degree Goals and Experiences (EDGE) program and hundreds of meaningful internships, CBA staff makes remarkable opportunities available to our students. EDGE is about providing unsurpassed learning experiences outside the classroom. Internship coordinators work to help students gain crucial early career experiences.

A large network of working professionals participate in CBA activities, and a specialized staff in professional development, internships, leadership, and business communications help prepare our students to succeed in their careers. Dozens of events and experiences are available each year. Students can track their participation and graduate with CBA EDGE Honors.

Internships and Co-ops are Another Key to Student Success

The College of Business Administration (CBA) offers both internship and cooperative education (co-op) opportunities for undergraduate students. Internships and co-ops are some of the most meaningful college experiences that help prepare students for their future careers. An internship or co-op offers a great opportunity for students to connect classroom learning to “real-world” settings while earning college credit. Most internship and co-op opportunities are also paid, helping students pay for expenses.

For employers, these experiences are a way to augment staff and to build a pipeline of talented entry-level employees. The Internship Coordinator assists undergraduates, graduates and employers alike through the internship/co-op experience.

Exploring Degree Goals and Experiences: Get Your CBA EDGE

The CBA EDGE is a professional development program designed to allow College of Business students to track their participation in events and experiences that lead to career readiness. These professional events and experiences focus on:

  • Academic preparation
  • Relevant work experience
  • Personal leadership training
  • Network/CBA community
  • Business communication training
  • Global experiences

EDGE Activities and Events

Events and activities are categorized by a point system ranging from 100-400 points. See the complete list.

Track your CBA EDGE

Students can view their CBA EDGE points and additional information through Suitable, an internal system for tracking professional development participation.

Graduate with CBA EDGE Honors

Achieve 2000 points
— or —
Complete the advanced level of the Leadership Institute

Students graduating with CBA EDGE Honors will receive a medal to keep and display at UA Commencement.

If you are interested in CBA EDGE or have questions, send an email to Consult the EDGE Brochure for more details.