The Macro-Davis Joint Degree Scholarship

No Graduate Level Scholarships are available for 2018-2019 distribution.

The Macro-Davis Joint Degree Scholarship Fund was established in 2001 by University of Akron alumni Judith Macro and Richmond Davis to assist deserving students who are receiving a joint degree from the College of Business Administration (CBA) and the School of Law. Candidates must be of sound character and will be required to demonstrate financial need, community involvement and servanthood. The CBA's director of graduate programs will have the first opportunity to determine the recipients, in consultation with Ms. Macro and Mr. Davis. The second opportunity will be designated to the assistant dean of the School of Law. The selection of recipients will be handled by the CBA Graduate Programs office in the first year, then rotated to the Office of the Assistant Dean of the School of Law. Available at CBA 2007/08; 2009/10; 2011/12; 2013/14; 2015/16; 2017/18; 2019/20

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