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Certificate in Health Care Selling

The 15-credit Certificate in Health Care Selling program provides students an opportunity to develop and document an understanding of selling within the health care industry, an important industry that accounts for approximately 10 percent of U.S. economic activity. This certificate is designed to serve the needs of students preparing for careers in selling pharmaceutical products, medical supplies and equipment, or other health care products and services. 

A total of 15 credits is required for the program. The student must complete 6 credit hours of required courses and 9 credit hours from a list of electives. To be granted the certificate, the student must take at least 6 credit hours in addition to any other major, minor, or certificate that has been earned.

Required (6 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
6600:275 Professional Selling 3
6600:478 Advanced Professional Selling 3

Electives (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
1880:310 Medicine and the Humanities 3
2740:120 Medical Terminology 3
2740:121 Study of Disease Processes 3
2740:230 Basic Pharmacology 3
2780:106 Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health I or 3100:200 Human Anatomy I 3
2780:107 Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health II or 3100:202 Human Anatomy II 3
3230:457 Medical Anthropology 3
3100:265 Introduction to Human Physiology 4
3150:100 Chemistry and Society 3
3600:361 Biomedical Ethics 3
3850:342 Sociology of Health & Illness 3
5550:150 Concepts in Health & Fitness 3
5570:101 Personal Health 2
6500:480 Introduction to Health Care Management 3
7400:295 Direct Experiences in the Hospital 2
7400:484 Hospital Settings, Children & Families 3
7600:438 Health Communications 3
7750:456 Social Work in Health Services 3
8200:100 Introduction to Nursing 1
Total Credits Required 15