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International Business Certificate

The wave of rapid change in the physical, political, economic, and cultural landscapes around the world is creating new opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals that need to be managed effectively. The interdisciplinary 15-credit International Business (IB) Certificate is for students who are not enrolled in the College of Business Administration. It provides students with an opportunity to better understand the global business environment and potential responses to these forces.

International Business

Required (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
6100:101 Business Issues in a Connected World 3
6800:305 International Business 3
6800:421 Foreign Market Entry 3

Electives: Complete at least two courses (6 credits)

2235:360 Introduction to Terrorism 3
3004:201 Introduction to International Development 3
3250:460 Economics of Developing Countries 3
3250:461 Principles of International Economics 3
3350:460 Political Geography 3
3600:329 Philosophies of International Law 3
3700:150 World Politics and Government 3
3700:300 Comparative Politics 3
3700:310 International Politics and Institutions 3
3700: 414 Wealth and Power Among Nations 3
6400: 323 International Business Law 3
7600: 325 Intercultural Communication 3
*Prerequisites must be honored.

Total Credits Required: 15