Visiting and Applying to The College of Business Administration

As you research your choices for colleges and majors, you probably have questions you need to have answered. If you are a prospective student, parent of a prospective student, or a high school guidance counselor or administrator, the College of Business Administration (CBA), has someone to help you. The CBA Admissions Recruiting Coordinator, Chrissy Cooney is your personal contact for information about the school. This staff member facilitates getting answers to questions about majors and other activities, such as

  • Helping with the college-application process
  • Hosting business school visits
  • Meeting current students, faculty, and CBA staff
  • Explaining the benefits and programs at the CBA

Learning More about the CBA

Meeting staff members in person is one of the best ways to get questions answered and familiarize yourself with The University of Akron and the CBA.

Staff Visits to Your School. CBA staff is available to visit classes at your high school or two-year college. To schedule a visit, complete the inquiry form, and be certain to indicate how you would like Chrissy to contact you.