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Research tells us that 

  • —Students who withdraw (WD) on a regular basis (more than 2 WDs within the first 29 credits, especially when they withdrew from the same course over and over) generally do not complete a degree – ever.
  • —Financial aid awards are impacted by withdrawing from courses and students do not have enough aid to complete a degree. Financial aid is NOT infinite!
  • —A pattern of withdrawals is the wrong message to send to potential employers. “When the going gets rough, I quit.” It is common practice for today’s employers to require that a potential employee submit a college transcript.

A DROP is not the same as a WITHDRAWAL

A Drop …

  • —occurs only within the first 14 calendar days of the semester (no signatures are needed during this time).
  • —can be completed online through a student’s My Akron account.
  • —does not show on a student’s UA transcript.

A Withdrawal (WD)….

For all UA Students:

  • —occurs after the 14th calendar day of the semester until the end of the SEVENTH week of the semester. Students process in My Akron, no signatures are needed.
  • —is not permitted after the seventh week.
  • —will appear on the student’s transcript as a “WD”.

For new UA students whose first term of enrollment is Fall 2011 and after…

  • —Students may complete a WITHDRAWAL of a class only FOUR TIMES before they earn 59 credits (sophomore standing). Two withdrawals are permitted as a freshman (0-29 credits) and two as a sophomore (30-59). WD’s are not cumulative over the two years.
  • —Students may withdraw from the same course only TWICE. If a student attempts to withdraw from a course after having withdrawn from it twice before, he or she will continue to be enrolled in the course and will receive a grade at the end of the semester.
  • —It is the responsibility of the student to determine the impact of withdrawing from courses on matters such as financial aid (including scholarships and grants), eligibility for on campus employment and housing, athletic participation, and insurance eligibility.
  • —Undergraduate students who withdraw from two courses either before they have earned 29 credits, or after they have earned 29 credits but before they have earned 59 credits, are not permitted to register for additional courses (a hold will be placed on the student’s enrollment) until they have consulted with their academic adviser. The purpose of the consultation will be to discuss the reasons for the course withdrawals and to promote satisfactory academic progress by helping students develop strategies to complete their courses successfully.

CBA students can contact the Undergraduate Advising Office in Room 260 ▪ 330-972-7042