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Policy for the Recycling of Surplus Materials and/or Equipment

This policy establishes that all materials purchased with University funds, donated to the University, or acquired for University use through other means, are the property of The University of Akron and does not belong to specific individuals.  The responsibility for the disposal of all surplus property (land and building excluded) has been delegated to the Director of Materials Handling.  The Director of Materials Handling shall have the flexibility of determining final disposition of surplus property which may arise and is not specifically addressed in the Surplus Property Handbook.

The Director of Materials Handling has assigned the responsibility for maintaining accountability for all materials, equipment, and supplies (hereafter referred to as “property”) which may become surplus to the needs of departments. and operating units of the University to the Surplus Property Supervisor under the management of Central Stores.  Staff members of this office will administer the Surplus Property Recycling (SPR) program, to include but not limited to inspection, storage, sale of surplus property.  They will keep records of improper application of the program and recommend corrective action to the Director of Materials Handling.

As a recipient of federal grants, state funding, donations, and private endowments, it is our duty and responsibility to maintain auditable records of all transaction involving the disposition of surplus and equipment.

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General Policy

  • University property may not be sold, traded in, salvaged, scrapped, or other-wise disposed of, unless the manager of Central Stores has granted prior approval. This includes all equipment or materials donated or purchased with gift, grant, contract funds, or unrestricted general funds, if title to the property has been vested with the University.
  • Unauthorized removal, disposal, or expropriation of any University owned property, regardless of estimated value, constitutes a breach of University policy and could be construed as misappropriation of funds.
  • Departments wishing to dispose of surplus property must create a 'Disposal Request' in the 'Surplus Property System' located on the Faculty/Staff tab on the Zipline page.
  • Departments may declare property as surplus and transfer control of it to Central Stores. If the items have value, interested departments may acquire the surplus materials for their use by sending an On Campus Order form to Central Stores.
  • Departments may transfer surplus items with a value of $5,000 to other internal departments, but the transaction must be processed through Property Accounting so that inventory records can be properly updated.
  • All scientific equipment or items that may have the potential of being subject to hazardous materials must be reviewed and cleared by The University of Akron’s EOHS.
  • Departments will be reimbursed of all individual sales over $100 less expenses, the V.P. of Finance and Administration must approve other reimbursements. Money deposited in the surplus account will be distributed by the determinant of the V.P. of Finance and Administration. A department may petition the V.P. of Finance and Administration for a partial credit provided sales on multiple items that exceed $100.
  • Certain items deemed as scrap may be disposed of as scrap, which will avoid the disposal costs to The University of Akron. Departments will be reimbursed for items scrapped over $100 less expenses.