Careers & Co-op

Learning by doing...

What makes our students stand out to potential employers is a resume that already includes relevant job experience. Whether they designed schematics for an SAE Formula race car as part of the Zips Racing team or spent three semesters on co-op learning different functions at a global tire manufacturing company, our students have more than just their barista experience on their resumes.

“My favorite part of the program are the big projects you do your sophomore and senior year. When your project is done it’s really satisfying to know that you created something all the way through the design process from start to finish.”

Nicholas Tamburrino, majoring in electrical and electronics engineering technology

Endless opportunities

We encourage you to make the most of them during your time at The University of Akron – we promise you, it will make all the difference when applying for that first job. Gain hands-on experience through:

Co-op and Placement Program

You'll get paid experience, industry connections, and year-round support. Our co-op program is part of our engineering curriculum which means you will not attend class during a co-op rotation.

  • Note: All co-op experiences are relevant to your major.

UA Career Services

Career Services is available to all UA students. They connect students and alumni to internships, jobs, and careers.

Senior Capstone

The senior capstone project is a culmination of your learning at UA, which includes applying all your real-life learning along the way.

Undergraduate research

Our research opportunities gives undergraduate students the chance to work alongside faculty and graduate students on meaningful, fascinating work.

Design teams

UA has many student design teams to choose from, and all provide unique opportunities to design and build exciting projects. Our design teams are the real deal, as many of our teams are ranked nationally. Participation and the chance to compete nationally is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Student organizations

Our student organizations give you leadership, budget management, and teamwork skills. Plus you'll have the chance to network with alumni, college leaders and professionals in your field.