Divorce Mediation

Graduate Certificate

This graduate certificate program in divorce mediation requires a minimum of 15 graduate credits dependent upon previous educational background. The program has been designed to serve the practicing or prospective divorce mediator. All applicants to the program should have previously earned a law degree or a master’s degree (at minimum in the behavioral sciences, such as psychology, social work, counseling, and marriage and family therapy, or child and family development). Applicants planning to pursue the certificate must apply to the Center for Family Studies and the Graduate School for admission as non-degree students. Persons currently working toward a doctorate or Juris Doctor at the University may participate in the certificate program as a cognate or minor. In this case, students must receive permission from their academic department as well as admission from the Center for Family Studies. Since the educational preparation prior to entry to this program will be quite diverse, the selection of courses within the certificate will vary among the participants. However, all students are expected to complete the core courses in addition to 10 credit hours selected from among several disciplines related to divorce mediation.



1800:601 Divorce Mediation (3 credits)

1800:602 Divorce Mediation Practicum (2 credits)

Select at least one from each area:

– Law

9200:638 Family Law (3 credits)

– Accounting

6200:601 Financial Accounting (3 credits)

9200:621 Accounting for Lawyers (3 credits)

– Family

5600:655 Marriage and Family Therapy: Theory and Techniques (3 credits)

5600:667 Marital Therapy (3 credits)

7400:607 Family Dynamics (3 credits)


Students who have already completed coursework in Law, Accounting or Family may select from courses listed below:

5600:647 Career Counseling (3 credits)

5600:669 Systems Theory in Family Therapy (3 credits)

7400:540 Family Crisis (3 credits)

7400:590 W: Family and Divorce (2 credits)

7400:602 Family in Life-Span Perspective (3 credits)

9200:684 Alternate Dispute Resolution (3 credits)

6600:630 Customer Relationship Marketing (3 credits)