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Cheiron: The international society for the history of behavioral & social sciences

Thirty-second Annual Meeting of Cheiron: The International Society for the History of Behavioral and Social Sciences


June 22-25, 2000

University of Southern Maine


Thursday, June 22


10.00 a.m. -- 06.00 p.m. Registration


12.30 p.m. -- 02.30 p.m. Symposium I: Wilhelm Wundt in History

Chair: Robert W. Rieber (John Jay College, CUNY)

Arthur L. Blumenthal (Berkeley College of NYC), Wundtian Archaeology: Unearthing the Bones of Wundt's Theory

David K. Robinson (Truman State University), Reaction-time Experiments in Wundt's Institute and Beyond

Miki Takasuna (Yamano College), The Wundt Collection in Japan

Discussant: Robert W. Rieber (John Jay College, CUNY)


02.30 p.m. -- 03.00 p.m. Break


03.00 p.m. -- 04.00 p.m. Paper Session I: Natural History and Natural Science: Cases of embodied logics of movement and pain

Chair: Al Fuchs (Bowdoin College)

Mary Mosher Flesher (Smith College), Human Walking as a Distinctive Species Variation on Cuvier's Animal Pursuit: The Role of Locomotion Science in Bain's Psychology

Robert Kugelmann (University of Dallas), Pain as a Sensation


04.00 p.m. -- 04.15 p.m. Break


04.15 p.m. -- 06.15 p.m. Paper Session II: The Laboratory and the Clinic, Activists and Government Administrators: Emotion, Sexuality, Euthanasia, and the "Heroin Experiment"

Chair: Elizabeth Scarborough (Indiana University South Bend)

Otniel E. Dror (Getty Research Institute), The Clog in the Machine: Emotion and Disorder in the Laboratory and Clinic

Henry L. Minton (University of Windsor), Alfred A. Gross and George W. Henry on Homosexual Adjustment: Homophile Voice and Psychiatric Authority

Trudy Dehue (University of Groningen), Testing Policies. On the History of "Social Experimentation"

Ian Dowbiggin (University of Prince Edward Island), "Under Control of Reason": Eugenics, Euthanasia and Birth Control in America, 1930-1970.


06.30 p.m. -- 08.30 p.m. Poster Session and Reception

Convener: Ian Lubek (University of Guelph)

Dariush Arai and Floyd W. Rudmin (University of Tromso), Which Question is Correct? A History of Item Analysis by Classical and Modern Methods

Adriana Silvia Benzaquén (University of British Columbia), Buffon, Childhood, and the "Natural History of Man."

Paromita Chakravarti (University of Oxford), Juan Huarte's Examination of Men's Wits, (1594) and the historiography of mental disability

David Devonis (Graceland College) Martin Luther Reymerts: A Psychological Life in Service

Patrick Drumm (Ohio University), The Trade-off between Internal and External Validity in The Ape and the Child: Was Winthrop Kellogg on the Verge of Recognizing Indeterminacy in Psychological Research?

Antonio M. Ferreri (Università degli Studi de Roma "La Sapienza"), The Influence of William James's Thought on Italian Psychology

David A. Gallo and Stan Finger (Washington University), The Impact of a Musical Instrument and Its Inventor on Psychology: Franklin, Mesmer, and the Glass Armonica

Nancy K. Innis (University of Western Ontario), Functional Contextualism: B.F. Skinner, E.C. Tolman, and S.C. Pepper

Pat Jindrich (University of Wisconsin-Parkside), Donald Laird's 800 Publications: Pioneering Popularization of Graphomania?

Robert Kugelmann (University of Dallas), The New Psychology and Neo-Thomism

Erica D. Palmer and Stan Finger (Washington University St. Louis), ADHD in the Eighteenth Century: "Mental Restlessness" as reported by Dr. Alexander Crichton

Floyd Rudmin (University of Tromso), Historical Notes from the Dark Side of Cross-Cultural Psychology: II. Research as Espionage

Neftali Serrano (Wheaton College), A History of the Christian Association for Psychological Studies: 1954-1965

Hans Van Rappard (Vrije Universiteit), When the New Does Not Eliminate the Old

Andreas Westerwinter (Leipzig University), The presence of Wilhelm Wundt in French Humanities or long-term effects of the Crise allemande de la pensée française

William R. Woodward (University of New Hampshire), Julian Jaynes: His Life and Ideas -- in text and on audiotape



Friday, June 23


08.30 a.m. -- 9.30 a.m. Paper Session III: Science, Religion, and Politics in Matters of Social Morality and Education

Chair: Marlene Shore (York University)

John I. Brooks III (Fayetteville State University), The Durkheimians and the Fifth Section of the Ecole Pratuqye des Hautes Etudes

Richard T. von Mayrhauser, The Triumph of Administration: The Origins of Standardized Testing in the Boston Schoolmaster Controversy of 1845


09.30 a.m. -- 09.45 a.m. Break


9.45 a.m. -- 11.45 a.m. Symposium II: Bringing Psychology Home: Psychology and Popular Culture in the Twentieth Century

Chair: Deborah J. Coon (University of New Hampshire)

Benjamin Harris (University of Wisconsin -- Parkside), From Industrial Psychology to Ladies Home Journal: The Popular Psychology of Donald A. Laird

Jill G. Morawski (Wesleyan University), To Make a Father: Psychological Beliefs Guiding the Selection of Sperm Donors, 1935-1985

Phyllis A. Wentworth (University of New Hampshire), The Reincarnation of the Old Time Orphan Asylum

Discussant: Wade Pickren (American Psychological Association)


11.45 a.m. -- 01.00 p.m. Lunch


01.00 p.m. -- 02.30 p.m. Keynote:

Elizabeth Lunbeck (Princeton University), Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and Law: The Case of Nymphomania, 1910-1980

Chair: Betty Bayer (Hobart and William Smith Colleges)


02.30 p.m. -- 03.00 p.m. Break


03.00 p.m. -- 04.30 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSION: Paper Session IV: (Inter) disciplinary. History and Psychology: Inventions, Secrets, and Experts

Chair: Michael Sokal (National Science Foundation)

Jamie Cohen-Cole (Princeton University), The Cognitive Revolution and The Morals of Interdisciplinary Research

Mary Brown Parlee (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Cybernetics, Communications Engineering, and Chomsky: Post-WWII Reconstructions of Psychological Knowledge and Psychological Experts at MIT, 1948-1962

Gary Hardcastle (University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point), The Cult of Experiment: The Psychological Round Table, 1936-1941


03.00 p.m. -- 04.30 p.m. CONCURRENT SESSION: Paper Session V: History, Nations and Reconstructions of Theory and Practice in Psychology

Chair: John Burnham (Ohio State University)

Geoffrey H. Blowers (University of Hong Kong), "To be a big shot or to be shot": Z. Y. Kuo's other career

Matthew D. Davis (The University of Texas), Exposing a"Picture of Neglect and Antagonism": Herschel T. Manuel and his De facto Center on Mexican American Education at the University of Texas

Lawrence J. Friedman (Indiana University), 'A Curious Period of Time': The Psychoanalytic Emigration from the Holocaust


05.00 p.m. -- Book Auction


07.00 p.m. -- 09.00 p.m. Book Session: James Capshew's Psychologists on the March

Chair: John Carson (University of Michigan)

Ellen Herman (University of Oregon),

Franz Samelson (Kansas State University)

Leila Zenderland (California State University)

Author James Capshaw Responds (Indiana University)

Discussant: John Carson (University of Michigan)


09.00 p.m. -- 11.00 p.m. Social Hours




Saturday, June 24


08.30 a.m. -- 10.15 p.m. Symposium III: The 'Interdisciplinarity' of Psychopathology

Chair: Mari Jo Buhle (Brown University)

Susan Lanzoni (Harvard University), Phenomenology in Psychiatry: The Case of Ludwig Binswanger

Rachael Rosner (Harvard University), James Jackson Putnam and the Legacy of Liberal Protestantism in Early American Psychotherapy

Debbie Weinstein (Harvard University), The Challenge of Intersubjectivity: The Role of Systems Theory in the Emergence of Family Therapy

Rose Cleary (University of Southern Maine), John Bowlby: Ethologist or Psychoanalyst? (And why the distinction still matters)


10.15 a.m. -- 10.30 a.m. Break


10.30 a.m. -- noon Symposium IV: Science, Scandal, and Statistics: Surveying Sexual Behavior in the U.S., 1920-1955

Chair: Miriam Reumann (Brown University)

Mary Ann Fitzwilson (University of Missouri-Columbia), Unwitting Allies on the Cultural Front: Max F. Meyer, Harry Elmer Barnes, and the Moral Role of the Social Sciences in the 1920s

Miriam Reumann (Brown University), What Counts: Statistics and Professional Authority in American Sex Research, 1929-40

Sarah Igo (Princeton University), Sexual Subjects: Kinsey's Reports and the Making of a Social-Scientific Public

Discussant: Diana E. Long (University of Southern Maine)


Noon -- 01.00 p.m. Lunch


01.00 p.m. -- 02.30 p.m. Symposium V: Historiographical Issues in the Histories of Psychology and Religion: Ann Tave's Fits, Trances, & Visions

Chair: Wade Pickren (American Psychological Association)

Ann Taves (Claremont School of Therapy)

Phyllis Wentworth (University of New Hampshire)

Deborah Johnson (University of Southern Maine)

Hendrika Vande Kemp (Fuller Theological Seminary)


02.30 p.m. -- 02.45 p.m. Break


02.45 p.m. -- 04.15 p.m. Paper Session VI: History, Psychology and Race

Chair: Nadine Weidman (Harvard University)

Jay Garcia (Yale University), "The Present Revolt": Kenneth Clark and the 1960s

Stephen D. Berger (Springfield College), The Clarks, the Lawyers, and the Road to Brown: Insights, Questions and Problems from Recent Works

John P. Jackson, Jr. (University of Colorado), Should We Abandon the Social Construction of Race?


04.15 p.m. -- 05.15 p.m. Business Meeting


05.40 p.m. Bus (to Reception and Banquet site) leaves conference site


06.30 p.m. -- Reception and Banquet -- USM Stone House, Freeport, Maine



Sunday, June 25


08.45 a.m. -- 09.45 a.m. Paper Session VII: Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism

Chair: Nancy Innis (University of Western Ontario)

David D. Lee (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), A Comparative History of Psychoanalysis and Behaviorism, 1895-1945

Alexandra Rutherford (York University), B. F. Skinner and the auditory inkblot: The rise and fall of the verbal summator as a projective technique


9.45 a.m. -- 10.00 a.m. Break


10.00 a.m. -- 12.00 noon Symposium VI: Mental Hygiene and Psychology

Chair: Henrika Kuklick (University of Pennsylvania)

Emily Cahan (Wheelock College), Between Religion and Science: Social Ethics at Harvard, 1906-1931

Kathleen W. Jones (Virginia Polytechnic), Toward a History of Youth Suicide: The 1927 Campus Suicide "Wave" and the Mental Hygiene Movement

Hans Pols (University of New Hampshire), Mental Hygiene Courses in Psychology, 1924-1960

Julia Grant (James Madison College), When Boys Aren't Boys: The Impact of Sexuality Research on the Mental Hygiene of Childhood, 1900-1940


12.00 noon Lunch