Chemistry Instructional Labs

As the Supervisor of Chemical Laboratories, I am responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the general chemistry laboratories (Chemistry for Everyone, Principles of Chemistry, General Organic & Biochemistry I & II, and Qualitative Analysis Laboratories). About 2,400 students take one or more of these labs per year. If you've ever wondered who makes all the reagents and unknowns in your lab, wonder no more. I'm the one.

Vernier LabQuest

We continue to integrate new technologies into lab courses, including  data acquisition systems, SMARTBoards, and online tutorials.  Vernier's LabQuest handheld is used in both Principles and Qualitative Analysis Laboratories. Its portability, extensive list of compatible probes and sensors, supporting software, and reliability make it an essential part of those labs. SMARTBoards are now used in each room to give instructors an additional tool to teach chemistry. Video demonstractions on how to setup glassware or various apparati can now be shown. In addition, instructor mark-ups during class can be saved and distribuited to students for viewing after class. Online tutorials are now available so  students can spent more time in the laboratory learning chemistry, instead of spending that time learning a new computer or instrument interface.  Students can find pre-lab lectures and tutorials on SpringBoard.