MRC Scheduling Instructions

Please follow the instructions for 1) creating your scheduling account and for 2) scheduling instrument time.  Failure to follow the instructions on creating your account may delay your ability to use the instruments.  These instructions are for use with the Walkup Instrument Calendar.  The Managed Instrument Calendar is for viewing only.

Creating Scheduling Account

Clicking on the Walkup Calendar link or Walkup Calendarto bring up the instrument calendar. The Following window will appear:

Cal 1

Next, click on the Signin link.

Cal 2

The following sign-in screen should appear:

Cal 3

You must now create an account by clicking on the First time user? link, which will bring up the next window.

Cal 4

Please fill out the form as shown.  Uanet_id is your U of A email id.  When done, click Save.  After your account has been created, the MRC staff will then enable your account for scheduling use after verification of NMR training.

Scheduling Instrument Time

Once your account has been enabled, connect to the calendar of the instrument you wish to schedule time on by using the Change Calendar drop down menu.   Make sure you are scheduling on the correct calendar.

Cal 5

Once your calendar is selected, to schedule instrument time, double click on the time slot you would like to reserve.  The following box will appear:

 Cal 6

  • Enter your uanet_id in the User box.
  • Verify you are scheduling on the correct calendar.
  • Select date and time requested.
  • Select duration up to 30 minutes.
  • Select Work type from drop down menu.
  • Under the Description area, give a short experiment description mentioning nuclei, and sample.
  • If do not want a reminder emailed to you, select NONE.
  • When complete, click on OK
  • If there were no conflicts, your requested time should now be displayed on the calendar:

If there were no conflicts, your requested time should now be displayed on the calendar:

Cal 7

If you need to Edit or Delete your entry, just double click on your entry.

Cal 8

Clicking on Edit will bring up the scheduling window as before and changes can be made.  Clicking on Delete will remove your entry from the calendar.