Mapping a Network Drive

Windows PC

Right click on "My Computer" or "Computer" (depending on what version of Windows you are using) and click on "Map network drive..."

You will see the screen below

 Map Network Drive Initial Screen


Type in

where advisor is your advisor's last name and user is your username (which may or may not be the same as your UANET username)

Map Network Drive Folder Name


Depending on how you have your computer configured you may have to check the "Connect using different credentials" check box.

 Map Network Drive Different Credentials

 When it asks for your username and password enter the username and password you use to access the NMR spectrometers. This username and password may be different from your uanet username and password. Your life will be easier if you make your uanet username and password and chemistry username and password the same. 

When you enter your username don't forget to pass the domain name or computer name information. Since you're trying to access the "chemistry" server, you will need to type in chemistry before your username. 

  • chemistry\username
  • password