Chemistry Seminar Schedule - Spring 2024

All Seminars will be held in MGH 111 on Tuesday at 3:00 PM unless otherwise noted

Speaker Affiliation Title Host
01/16 Shane Parker Case Western Reserve University Simulating Photochemistry from First-Principles Quantum Chemistry Popov
01/23 Irina Pikuleva Case Western Reserve University CYP46A1 as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer’s disease: from purified enzyme to mice and humans Yilin Liu
02/06 Aaron L. Odom Michigan State University Cancelled Popov
02/13 Amanda Hummon Ohio State University Spatial SILAC: Developing Isotopic Zip Codes Wesdemiotis

Shelley Minteer (Knight Lecture, General Talk); Time TBA

Missouri University of Science and Technology Rational Design of Polymers for Sustainability Applications Boika
04/02 Shelley Minteer (Knight Lecture, Chemistry Talk) Missouri University of Science and Technology Enzymatic Bioelectrocatalysis for Electrosynthesis Boika
04/09 Andy Jorgensen The University of Toledo

Climate Change:

A fundamental challenge for the future of all who live in our world



6:45 pm (Missing Falls Brewery) 

Emily Derbyshire  Duke University

John C. Crano Lecture: Chemical biology approaches to reveal parasite vulnerabilities.



9:00 am, ASEC 122

Emily Derbyshire  Duke University

John C. Crano Morning technical lecture: Unraveling the Mysteries of Parasites


ACS Akron


Tim Smith Walsh University

Unlocking Therapeutic Potential: Exploring antimicrobials, Photosensitizers, and Natural Product Extraction in Honors Projects.