Access and Use Policies

Please read the following information prior to your research visit.

    Reading Room Policies

    • Food, drink, and personal belongings are not allowed in the reading room. Patrons may store coats and other materials in the CCHP lobby, but should leave all valuables at home. 
    • Digital cameras, laptops, notebooks, and pencils are permitted, but personal scanners are not
    • Researchers must take care to be gentle with all CCHP materials

    General Access Policies

    Media Access and Use Policies

      • Researchers interested in accessing or working with images, audio titles, and moving images in the CCHP collections should contact us. 

      Reproduction Policies

      • All requested reproduction of materials is completed by CCHP staff
      • Reproductions of documents are $0.25 per page
      • The CCHP cannot reproduce large portions of a collection and must use discretion when considering large copy requests
      • The CCHP cannot provide copies of materials that are available in published form elsewhere (e.g., book chapters, journal articles).

      General Information:

      • Hours: The Archives and reading room are open to researchers Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm.
      • Appointments: An appointment is required to work with the collections. Appointments should made at least one week in advance, preferably two weeks to ensure time for staff to locate and prepare materials for use.
      • Contact Us: To schedule an appointment, request offsite research assistance, or acquire further information, contact us by email or telephone (330-972-7285).

      Off-Site Research

      The CCHP provides research assistance to patrons who are unable to travel to the CCHP. The off-site research fee is $20/hour, with a minimum charge of $20. Because the CCHP staff is small, very large requests for off-site assistance may not be possible. Contact us for more information.

        Citing CCHP Materials: References to or citations of CCHP materials must contain the following elements:

        [Box No., Folder No., ________ papers], Archives of the History of American Psychology, The Cummings Center for the History of Psychology, The University of Akron.

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