Access and Use Policies

Please read the following information prior to your research visit.

    Reading Room Policies

    • Food, drink, and personal belongings are not allowed in the reading room. Patrons may store coats and other materials in the CCHP lobby, but should leave all valuables at home. 
    • Digital cameras, laptops, notebooks, and pencils are permitted, but personal scanners are not
    • Researchers must take care to be gentle with all CCHP materials

    General Access Policies

    Media Access and Use Policies

      • Researchers interested in accessing or working with images, audio titles, and moving images in the CCHP collections should contact us. 

      Reproduction Policies

      • All requested reproduction of materials is completed by CCHP staff
      • Reproductions of documents are $0.25 per page
      • The CCHP cannot reproduce large portions of a collection and must use discretion when considering large copy requests
      • The CCHP cannot provide copies of materials that are available in published form elsewhere (e.g., book chapters, journal articles).