Psychology Film Club

Psychology Film Club is a livestream series hosted by the Cummings Center on Facebook Live.

Join experts in psychology and related human sciences to discuss the intersection of science, history, and pop culture on film.

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Previous Discussions

Mad to be Normal

Discussion of the 2017 film Mad to Be Normal, exploring the life of R. D. Laing and the Kingsley Hall experiment.

Length: 62 minutes

Originally recorded: April 22, 2021

Get Out

Discussion of the 2017 film Get Out, dealing with racism, microaggressions, and race-related stress and trauma.

Length: 61 minutes

Originally recorded: February 18, 2021

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Discussion of the 2015 film The Stanford Prison Experiment, depicting the notorious prison life study conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo (Billy Crudup).

Length: 59 minutes

Originally recorded: October 29, 2020

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Discussion of the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and its depiction of institutional mental health treatment, psychosurgery, and mental illness.

Featuring: 60 minutes

Originally broadcast: September 24, 2020

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

Discussion of the 2017 film Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, detailing the life of psychologist William Moulton Marston (Luke Evans) and his partners, Elizabeth Marston (Rebecca Hall) and Olive Byrne (Bella Heathcote). 

Length: 62 minutes

Originally recorded: July 30, 2020

Inside Out

Discussion of the 2015 animated film Inside Out and its depiction of childhood development and emotions.

Length: 46 minutes

Originally broadcast: May 28, 2020

Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story

Discussion of the 2015 Experimenter: The Stanley Milgram Story, depicting the life of Stanley Milgram (Peter Sarsgaard) and the events surrounding his famous obedience experiments.

Length: 61 minutes

Originally recorded: April 30, 2020