The Test of Time: Chronometry in 19th and 20th Century Psychological Laboratories

A Student-Curated Exhibit

The exhibit will be open as part of the National Museum of Psychology

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Hours: Regular museum hours starting June 28

Price: Regular museum entrance fee

Location: Gallery C / RDWY First Floor of the CCHP

Contact:; 330-972-7285

The students of Museums and Archives II learned about the immense planning that goes into creating a museum exhibit. Students were each given about seven or eight time pieces from the Cummings Center’s collections to combine into a cohesive exhibition.

Through intense research in the Cumming Center’s archives and consulting outside databases, students tracked down the necessary information on each artifact. Visit the exhibit to learn about the time pieces themselves, the individuals who created them, and the psychologists who use them in their work!

This project fulfills the requirements for students in 1900:302 Foundations of Museums and Archives II at the Institute for Human Science and Culture. Contact Dr. Jodi Kearns for information about the program.