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Akron Postcard Club

Enter the magical world of postcards. Whether you want to look at postcard images, read old messages, talk collections, or make your own postcards, the Akron Postcard Club is the place for you. We use the David P. Campbell Postcard Collection to explore the history of the postcard and to inspire our monthly meeting themes. We tend to alternate between collections exploration and postcard creation, check the theme descriptions for details.

Meetings are open to anyone curious about postcards – students and community members alike. We meet the last Wednesday of every month from 6:00pm to 7:00pm ET in the Postcard Library at the Institute for Human Science and Culture at the Cummings Center (located on the 4th floor).

The club is free to attend, and new members receive a “welcome package” of postcards to send or collect.

Next meeting:
Wednesday, May 25, 2022 from 6:00pm - 7:00pm ET (RSVP Here!)

Theme: Postcard Show & Tell - Bring Your Collections!
Show us your postcards! The theme for the May meeting of the Akron Postcard Club is “Show & Tell” – a time to show off your own postcards and share the stories that come with them. To accommodate all attendees, we ask that you select a single story to tell and bring a single card or small handful or cards that relate to that story. What story should you tell? Anything goes! Here are a few prompts to get the creativity flowing:

- What was the card that first made you interested in postcards?
- Do you collect a particular type of postcards?
- Is there a special postcard you received from a friend or family member that you cherish?
- Did you inherit postcards from a family member?
- What postcard reminds you of a special trip?

We can’t wait to hear your stories and peek at your postcards!

Past Meeting Themes:
April 2022: Prepping for National Postcard Week
March 2022: It's a Feminist Leap Year!
February 2022: Guided "Dig" into Postcard History
January 2022: Vinegar Valentine's
December 2021: Postcard Write-a-Thon Benefitting Local Seniors
October 2021: Halloween Postcards
September 2021: Exploring Akron through Postcards
August 2021: Rotating Wheel Postcards
July 2021: Fancy Writing

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