Sexology: Science & Sensationalism

May 2, 2023 through May 18, 2024

Lynn Rodeman Metzger Galleries

From 1933 to 1983, Sexology magazine brought news and information about sexuality and sex research to the American public. Sitting at a crossroads between sex education and sensationalist tabloid, the magazine covered a wide range of topics such as relationships, reproductive health, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex work, and sexually transmitted diseases. With over 80 original magazines on display, Sexology: Science & Sensationalism explores the contradictions and curiosities of Sexology magazine by examining its coverage of key topics that remain deeply relevant in 21st century society.

This exhibit was researched and designed by student assistants Christian Lewis and Cassidy Kuhar and by students in The University of Akron Museums and Archives Studies Certificate Program.

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