Client Rights

  • Clients are informed of the nature and limitations of services
  • Clients provide written consent for treatment, during the first appointment.
  • Clients will be treated with respect and dignity, and may express their personal concerns in a safe, comfortable environment
  • Clients have the right to read/review their clinical records at any time (during scheduled times when a trainee and/or supervisor is present in case questions arise).
  • Clients may speak with a supervisor if requested.
  • Clients may receive a referral for different or additional services if the main concerns cannot be resolved (due to the nature of the training facility and its scope of practice).

Client Responsibilities

  • Clients have the responsibility to attend and participate in scheduled counseling sessions
  • Clients shall cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance. If repeated absences occur, after attempts of contact have been made cases may be closed and/or a referral provided. .
  • Counseling sessions may be discontinued if clients arrive under the influence of alcohol/drugs or if aggressive behaviors occur.
  • Clients shall sign a written consent before information may be released (to themselves or others) unless: (a) the client is at imminent risk of physically harming themselves, another identified person, or an identified structure, (b) child/elder abuse or neglect is suspected, or (c) the release of clinical records is court-ordered.
  • Clients may request copies of a Discharge Summary or a letter attesting to sessions attended at no charge.  Additional information is charged at 20 cents per page.