Educational Advancement

The following statements are educational advancement goals for the College of Business Administration's internal market of graduate and undergraduate students:

  • Promote the development and delivery of a highly relevant undergraduate and graduate curriculum in information systems and e-business.
  • Identify and provide students with opportunities for information systems experiences; including internship, co-op, and consulting experiences.
  • Provide support for teaching, learning, and the development of instructional resources and materials in the field of information systems.
  • Inform students about career opportunities as information systems professionals.
  • Encourage and support students studying information systems by providing financial aid through scholarships, assistantships and internships.
  • Improve and enhance teaching effectiveness within information systems programs by supporting and encouraging faculty development activities.

Professional Development

The following statements are professional development goals for the College of Business Administration's external market for information systems and e-business. To ensure the growth and development of the Center for Information Technologies and e-Business, each of the following goals will be directed at generating income and subsidizing Institute activities:

  • To actively recruit and establish an advisory board to advise and champion the goals and activities of the Center for Information Technologies and e-business.
  • To develop and offer seminars, workshops, lectures, and other continuing education programs that are designed to extend and renew the skills and knowledge of information systems practitioners.
  • To develop and submit industry and federal grant proposals for generating resources.
  • To develop and maintain a web site directed at encouraging and facilitating the exchange of ideas and experiences among practitioners, students, and academics.
  • To collaborate and cooperate with other organizations promoting the principles and applications of information systems and electronic business.
  • To serve and function as a resource center by developing and maintaining a collection of materials on information systems.
  • To discover and disseminate new knowledge concerning information systems and e-business.
  • To support applied research projects in the areas of information systems and e-business.
  • To enhance and promote the image of the Center for Information Technologies and e-Business by serving in leadership roles in local and national associations, by participating in local and national conferences, and by assuming editorial and author responsibilities in academic journals and trade publications.