Students of The University of Akron have the opportunity to gain relevant work experience through various experiential learning opportunities through The Career Advantage Network (CAN) . The program benefits students who gain firsthand knowledge of their future careers, as well as employers, who state that they are looking for students with career-related experiences in their field of study.

Participating students are recognized as full-time students at The University of Akron when working on an approved cooperative education/internship field assignment and when complying with the rules and regulations of the cooperative education programs.

Internships are typically one-time only assignments which are assigned academic credit by an academic department, and are sometimes unpaid. Students can work in collaboration with the Center for Career Management and the internship coordinators in their respective departments to develop these experiences. Internships typically can be applied toward graduation as elective credits. In some departments, an internship is a graduation requirement. offers students a convenient resource to research employers, identify opportunities, and apply for internships. National surveys indicate that 26% of students convert their internships to full-time job offers after graduation("College Graduation Career Survey" Experience, Inc., April 2004).