IS Profession

Information systems (IS) managers direct the computer-related activities of companies. They perform a variety of duties, from constructing detailed business plans to overseeing network and Internet operations. Working with upper management, they define the technical goals of the company and plan how to accomplish these goals. They plan and coordinate hardware and software system installations and upgrades, programming and systems design, and develop computer networks, Internet and intranet sites. In addition, they maintain system networks, analyze the computer and information needs of companies, and supervise system analysts, computer programmers, support specialists and other computer related employees.

IS Programs at The University of Akron

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BS/MS in Information Systems Management

Graduate Programs:

  • MS in Information Systems Management
  • MS in Information Systems Management (Accelerated for IS Undergraduate Major)

Our Information Systems Management curriculum can provide you with a solid foundation in management and information systems, based on broad basic theoretical principles as well as immediate applied practices that go beyond traditional classroom lectures.

You’ll study organization behavior and leadership skills, data management, analysis and design of information systems, telecommunications, eBusiness and more. You will learn how to effectively manage facilities, equipment, information and personnel in a variety of activities, such as transportation, manufacturing, warehousing, research or institutional management. In addition, the curriculum emphasizes the competencies companies want — communication, ethics, interpersonal, leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills. You’ll learn professionalism, public service responsibilities and the role of business in society. You’ll develop a respect for learning and a preference for solutions that advance the public good.

Our faculty members are enthusiastic and innovative. They bring the business world to life through a variety of teaching methods — case studies, seminar presentations and discussions, problem solving and skills performance.

You’ll work in teams on real world business cases, applying your classroom knowledge to help solve problems facing local businesses. Classroom knowledge is enhanced by visits to businesses, the college’s excellent tradition of student organizations, guest speaker programs, and other efforts to bring students and business people closer together. In fact, the college maintains close connections to the business community, inviting area executives to participate in our students’ educations through our “Professor for a Day” program, guest lecturing, student organizations, mentoring and other activities.

The annual Goodyear Executive Leadership Forum brings internationally distinguished business leaders to campus to meet with students and faculty. Past speakers have included Stan Gault, chairman of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; Hiroshi Okuda, chairman of Toyota Motors; Tim Timken, chairman of Timken Industries; Joseph Magliochetti, CEO of Dana Corporation; Andrea Jung, CEO of Avon, David Oreck, founder of Oreck Company; Richard Smucker, President & Co-CEO of J.M. Smucker Company; Robert Keegan, chairman, CEO and President of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company; and David A. Daberko, chairman of the National City Corporation.