The Mentoring Program is designed to assist in the development of mentoring relationships between business professionals and students. Some of the goals of the mentoring program: 

  • Assist students in developing networking skills and increase their comfort levels when interacting with business professionals.
  • Assist in increasing connections between students and the area business professionals.
  • Assist students in gaining feedback on their understanding of the world of work, academic preparation and marketable skills.
  • Help students gain a better understanding of professional settings, functional areas of choice, decision-making processes, managing relationships, time management and organizational cultures.
  • Provide students with opportunities to explore various career options.
  • Help increase the marketability of students in the job market.

It is strongly encouraged that the mentors and mentees have a discussion early in the program outlining their specific goals for the program; additional guidelines and goals may be added.

Structure of mentoring program

The program is structured on a mentor/mentee goal-oriented commitment basis. The mentor and mentee will benefit more fully from the experience if each is committed to a semester or a year long mentorship program. A minimum of 1 to 2 hours per month of communication will be most valuable. It is strongly encouraged that the mentor and mentee schedule times to meet throughout the semester.  Meeting places may be at the employer’s site, on the university’s campus, or in a public place. 

The center may involve employers in on-campus activities such as roundtable discussions or networking events.  These events will offer the mentors and mentees to participate in professional networking with other mentorship program participants.

Any student interested in the program can contact Dr. Bindiganavale S. Vijayaraman - Director of CITe -