Who needs to fill out this form?

Any new employee, current employee that needs additional access, or any employee that has transferred to a new department. If you transfer to a new department and still need PeopleSoft access, you will need to obtain a new ID and password, your security does not transfer to the new department with you.

Who approves my access?

After you submit your request, a Footprints ticket is created and an email message is sent to your department head (the email address you entered in the form) for approval. After departmental approval, the request is submitted to the appropriate data approver(s). After this approval step, if no training is required for the requested access, the process moves on to the PeopleSoft Security administrator for processing.

Do I need to attend any training sessions?

Training is highly recommended for PeopleSoft, however, it is REQUIRED for any PeopleSoft update access, Requisition access, Advising access, Department course scheduling and/or Quick enroll and Recruiting Solutions –hiring process manager. Please DO NOT request this access before you have completed the training. Otherwise, your security request (including the non-training required access) will be held up until the training is completed. For additional information on training please visit the Software Training Website for PeopleSoft seminars.