Computer Science Scholarships

Choose Ohio First Scholarship in Bioinformatics

UA has been awarded funding by the Choose Ohio First Program to provide undergraduate scholarships in bioinformatics and molecular biology. The scholarships are merit-based and to be awarded to academically talented freshmen. Students who wish to apply may major in a range of academic disciplines that utilize computer science to manage biological data. The scholarship with a maximum size of $5000 per year is renewable up to four years.

Department of Computer Science Alumni Scholarship

The Department of Computer Science Alumni Scholarship was established in February 2003.  The scholarship is funded by contributions from departmental alumni, faculty, and friends.

The Department of Computer Science Alumni Scholarship may be awarded to departmental majors and incoming freshmen who have declared a major in computer science.  The primary consideration for an award is academic performance.  Awards will be determined each year by the Department of Computer Science Scholarship Committee.  The amount of an award is dependent on the funds available and the number of students chosen to receive a Department of Computer Science Alumni Scholarship.

Lubrizol Corporation Scholarship in Computer Science

The Lubrizol Corporation Scholarship in Computer Science is awarded annually to a deserving sophomore, junior, or senior majoring in computer science. Candidate recommendations will be made by a faculty committee within the Department of Mathematical Sciences for final approval by the Financial Aid Office. The selection will be based on the student's scholastic ability. The recipient also shall exhibit strong leadership qualities and good citizenship. These funds will be applied exclusively to the costs of tuition

The Marjorie J. Karlson Memorial Scholarship

The Marjorie J. Karlson Memorial Scholarship was established by her family in her memory.  Mrs. Karlson had a B.S. in Physics from Thiel College.  In the early 1950’s, she did programming on IBM computers in machine code.  She also did substitute teaching in the Orrville School System, and taught in the Head Start program for eight years. After raising five children, she returned to school and completed additional course work in Computer Sciences and Mathematics at The University of Akron.  On completion of her additional studies, Mrs. Karlson began working for The University of Akron.  She had various responsibilities in the Math and Computer Science Department for over 15 years, including Computer Science Lab Manager and Instructor of Database Management.  Mrs. Karlson had an outstanding commitment to the students.  She frequently talked of work with family and friends.  Her particular concern was that the students receive every benefit and opportunity to succeed.  The Marjorie J. Karlson Memorial Scholarship will continue her goal of academic achievement and opportunity for students.  The family recognizes the limitations and barriers that may prevent women from entering into the Computer Science field and would like to encourage them with this scholarship.  The Marjorie J. Karlson Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a female junior or senior, enrolled as a full-time student, majoring in Computer Science.  The recipient must maintain a 3.0 GPA or better and show interest, leadership and commitment to the field.  The Office of Financial Aid, in conjunction with the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and representatives of the Karlson family, will select recipients.