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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download the free Microsoft Security Essentials software?

The University of Akron no longer has a free license of McAfee. For virus protection download Microsoft Security Essentials. Students, Faculty and Staff may download for free from Microsoft. A link is also provided in the My Akron Portal.

Can I bring my computer to the store for repairs?

No, you can take your computer to the Computer Center for repairs. Call 330-972-7626 for more information.

Who is Eligible to purchase from The Computer Store?

Only currently enrolled UA students or members of the faculty, staff or contract professionals are eligible to purchase from The Computer Store. Departmental purchases may be made via requisition, requisitions can be emailed to

What are the rules governing purchases?

Personal Purchases - Only currently enrolled UA students or members of the faculty, staff, or contract professional are eligible to purchase items from The Computer Store. Some vendors will allow a parent to purchase on behalf of the student. The Computer Store is obligated, by contract, to allow the purchase of no more than one desktop, one portable, one Personal Interactive Electronics product, one laser and one non-laser printer every academic year. A valid UAnet ID is required for all purchases. Manufacture's rules may vary; please contact the store for additional information. The Management of Information Services is responsible for all final interpretations of the individual purchasing rules of the various manufacturers/suppliers.

Departmental Purchases - Departmental purchases can be made by a signed departmental requisition or departmental purchase card. DPO's are not accepted.

What is the return policy?

All returns are subject are to the vendors return policy and are to be handled directly with the vendor.

No returns on Microsoft products

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