Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship

Make productive problem solving and leadership your secondary concentration. This certificate will complement any major or your current profession.

What is conflict transformation & social entrepreneurship?

Innovative, holistic, mindful, research-based doing designed to address a social problem in a sustainable manner. Social entrepreneurship addresses real world problems — from interpersonal to international — by doing with purpose, and actively and thoughtfully engaging with others to transform conflicts.

About the certificate

  • It is a free-standing* certificate.
  • Will help you master a range of concrete, transferable skills.
  • Will make you more effective in any workplace.
  • Aims to integrate insights from conflict transformation, social sciences and social entrepreneurship.

*Free-standing means you may enroll for this certificate whether you are a current UA student or a professional. 

What you can expect

Learn the skills that are central to finding more innovative and sustainable ways to address social and political problems and to improve your analysis of real world problems.

Core intellectual and leadership skills:

  • Active listening skills
  • Networking and team building skills
  • Reframing with questions
  • Media literacy skills
  • Honoring competing perspectives and conflict styles
  • Seeing conflict as normal and an invitation to become leaders in our own lives
  • Understanding the relationship between individual agency (behavior) and organizational structures
  • Lens shifting and code switching, perspective taking and role playing
  • Mindfully and empirically analyzing social and political problems
  • Combining our serpent and dove to see that civility without contestation is sentimental and anemic, while contestation without civility is reckless and abusive

How to enroll in the certificate in conflict transformation and social entrepreneurship

To add a certificate, initiate the request in Workday. Paper forms will no longer be used. Attached is a job aide which shows you how to initiate this request.  If you have questions, you can contact your BCAS advisor.

Add - Change - Remove Program of Study (Students).pdf

Requirements for the Certificate in Conflict Transformation

Students formally apply for the Certificate via the submission of a Certificate Add Form and a Statement of Interest to the Director. 

Enrollment Qualifications for Current Students

  • In good standing with the university GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have completed at least one full semester of coursework
  • Students pursuing any major are eligible for the certificate

    Core Requirements

    • Minimum of 15 Credit Hours
    • Required Course: Social Justice (3 credits) SOCIO:200
    • Multi-Disciplinary Electives chosen from the list below:
    • Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology: 460 (4 credits)
    • Organizational Behavior and Leadership Skills: 302 (4 credits)
    • Crisis & Trauma: Assessments & Interventions: 465
    • Applied Ethics in Criminal Justice: 298
    • Community Corrections: special topic
    • Policing Theory & Strategy: 405
    • American Families in Poverty: 401
    • Diversity and Social Work: 270
    • Communication & Conflict: 444
    • Freedom of Speech: 355
    • Black American Literature:350
    • American Immigration: 354
    • US Women’s History 350
    • US Military History: 360
    • African American History 1877-present: 362
    • Spanish Conquest and Colonization of the Americas: 378
    • The Vietnam War: 382
    • Modern Iran: 395
    • Latin America and the United States: 417
    • Nazi Germany: 438
    • Civil War and Reconstruction 1850-1877: 454
    • African American Women’s History: 469
    • Empire, Genocide and Mass Violence: 472
    • Spanish Conversation: Health Professions and First Responders: 307
    • Spanish Composition: Health Professions and First Responders: 308
    • Hispanic Culture through Film: 360
    • Social & Political Philosophy: 324
    • Philosophy of Race & Ethnicity: 456
    • Law and Morality: 327
    • Law, Mediation & Violence :334
    • Psychology of Hate: special topic
    • Deviant Behavior: 433
    • Race & Ethnic Relations: 421
    • Sociology of Law: 441
    • Victims & Society: 428
    • Advanced Research Methods: 401
    • Sociology of Health and Illness: 342
    • Soc of women in a global society: 325
    • Women in prison: 415
    • Theories and Practice in Correctional System: 431
    • Sociology of Sex Gender and Sexualities: 447
    • Organizations, Community, and Social Action: 490
    • Sociology of Love: 435
    • Sociology of Mental Illness: 450
    • Introduction to Women’s Studies: 200
    • Feminist Theory: 480/580