Advanced Certificate in Global Conflict

The advanced Certificate in Global Conflict requires you be a graduate or post-baccalaureate student. You also must complete a formal application for the program.

For an application to the program, email Bill Lyons, the CCM director.

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Certificate in Global Conflict Curriculum

(19 credits)

Required Courses

Academic Core
3700:622 Alternatives to Violence at Home and Abroad, 3 credits
3850:555 Family Violence, 3 credits

Skill Training Core
7400:585:008 Seminar: General Mediation Training, 1 credit
7400:585:007 Seminar: Divorce Mediation Training, 3 credits

Elective Courses (Choose three)

3850:521 Race and Ethnic Relations
3700:610 Seminar in International Politics
3010:501 Seminar in Environmental Studies
3700:690 ST: (global conflict related special topics course in Political Science)

Additional Requirement

To complete the certificate, students must submit one seminar paper from one of their courses selected from the electives list to the Director - Bill Lyons, for approval as a scholarly investigation of the issues surrounding global conflict.