Reframing Conflict Award

The Faculty Advisory Committee at the CCM seeks to make a scholarship award annually to a student at the UA School of Art who has created a piece of art that helps us all reframe, rethink, think more productively about less violent ways to prevent, resolve, or reduce the harms associated with conflict--from the interpersonal to the international.

The CCM Collection that we are building in this way is currently on display in Olin 276.  Here are our three of our award winners...please visit Olin 276 to see their work and continue to support the arts and student artists in Akron and around the world.  The thumbnails below are only provided to entice you into a visit to see the real thing!

painting2009 Award Winner
Garden, Christina Day (painting)

photo2010 Award Winner
Your Ad Here, Autumn Bland (four photographs)

3D2012 Award Winner
Backyard, Richie Peterson (3D tile installation)